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Laura Crossley is the Founder of Pacific Trans Wellness. In BC, there are gaps in Transgender and Gender Diverse coverage. There is a lack of resources, information, support and help in the BC Interior. As counsellors, we look at problems and come up with solutions. Many individuals that are involved in TransCare are not actually Trans themselves. How can they possibly know as much as somebody with lived experience?   How can they possibly know the daily struggles, lack of opportunities and non-stop media attention focusing on the lives of Trans Individuals around the World?


While working on her undergraduate and master’s degree Laura focused her studies on Trans topics. Not only that but, she has spent countless hours researching, checking out scholarly peer-reviewed papers, diving into boring government policy, and advocating for better rights and treatment.

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As of Feb 23, 2023, Laura Crossley is not providing Counselling or Hormone Readiness Assessments. She can refer you to two local practitioners. 

Healthcare Navigation

Navigating the world of Transgender Health can be complicated and scary. I offer help navigating how the system works in BC, what options you have, and how to overcome challenges you may face. I follow the current best practices as outlined by WPATH SOC 7.

Family Support

Being Transgender not only affects the client but the family, extended family and friends. I am open to any question that people may ask, and am guided by my own personal experience combined with current changes in trans health around the globe.

Consultation / Community Support

Career / Education

Trans and Gender Diverse individuals are statistically undereducated and underemployed. I can work with you and challenges around getting your education, what schools, what options are available, how to access loans and get additional help. I can also assist with resume building, career searches and preparing for an interview.

Workshops / Events

If you are an organization and looking for information / training on Trans topics, I have extensive knowledge in many different areas and can tailor an event to meet your needs.

If you are a counsellor, social worker, or physician, I can help provide clarity, support and answers you may be looking for. I can do this quicker than public health organizations but also provide you with information they can’t answer.

Legal / Human Rights


If you have a legal issue or human rights complaint, I can offer assistance on how to file complaints, and the process and help you stand up for your rights.


Consultation / Community Support

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